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Porky Hefer

[CRAFT+DESIGN] "Porky Hefer, an advertising-creative-director-turned-nest-maker in South Africa, designs high-end nests inspired by those fashioned by weaver birds. The material used to build this one is kubu cane.

The Nest : Spend the night in Big Sur in a treefort modeled after a bird's nest.

The Nest

Human nest - it would be funny to post tweets from this thing.  "I'm tweeting from my nest!"

Real-Life Human Nests by Animal Farm

I want a tree house like this filled with books and comfy chairs :)

Dream Like A Child: 10 Fantasy Treehouses Around The World

isnt this just amazing? Reminds me of Peter pan and where lost boys would sleep

- Human Nests by Jayson Fann  <3 <3

Human Nests by Jayson Fann

California-based artist Jayson Fann designs and creates spirit nests which are big enough for humans. Each nest is an interactive and functional art sculpture. It’s a wonderful experience to sleep like a bird in the nest.