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Jaguar - would be great as a print hung up in guest bathroom (African animal theme)

cheetah art-inspiration

I get on my dang African cat kicks!

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Look at the unique animals by reading the African lion facts. African lion is a wild animal living in Africa. This animal is very protective about his pride as the king of the jungle.

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Leopardo 21

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Amazonas puede referirse a: Amazonas, pueblo legendario de mujeres guerreras de la mitología griega. #viajesdemundo #viajes #amazonas #colombia #selva

How to say it is a jaguar: very rounded, robust and stocky. Fur is rather short due to the humidity levels in the rainforest. The rosettes are large, with heavily 'broken' borders. Many of the rosettes also have a small spot on the inside.

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White Tiger Cross Stitch E-Pattern by jpcrossstitch on Etsy

Leopard Mama & Her Baby

Tough Love Mother & baby Leopards (or Jaguars.

Tiger - Jae Jae by Roo-PG on DeviantArt

The selections were just wonderful, we do hope that you.

Snow leopard poker face by Paul E.


♥♡♥♡Sleeping Tiger♥♡♥♡You just want to pet the big kitty.

That right, I'm looking up at you!

That right, I'm looking up at you!


There's nothing like a mother's love! And seeing babies with their mothers is a very special thing. These pics of animal moms and babies will brighten your day!

This is the rarest cat on earth--the Amur leopard. There are only 30 of these cats left.

Making her public debut Dec. this little Amur Leopard cub was born four weeks ago at Germany's Serengeti Park. Native to Russia's Far East, Amur Leopards are critically endangered with less than 40 estimated left in the wild.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard by Parasaran Raman. A snow leopard can leap farther than any other cat!