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Darth Vader inspiring them to do more than they thought they could

When you're a stormtrooper, you're pretty busy, either obeying Darth Vader or the Emperor, or most probably constructing the Death Star to make it less exp.


Although we're still waiting for our Star Wars LEGO set (hint, hint), we've already mapped out what would be included in our first week of play.

Uh-oh, Wrong Room #Lego #StarWars #ToyStory

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lego star wars fotos - Buscar con Google

Korean photographer Storm had fun staging the LEGO Star Wars figurines in situations rather unusual.

Disco Trooper by claylo | LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Minifigs and Disco Ball

Disco Stormtroopers 'answering the Call of the Disco Ball', Star Wars humor, Lego humor.

LEGO Got Milk Picture by 장군운전병의 포토갤러리

LEGO Star Wars got milk Vader-Y Thanks for the milk now how do I drink it