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Fairy Vings Leyla Height Is 24 Cm Manual Molding Sugar Modelpast Paste Fairy Vings Leyla. Height is 24 cm.

Торты на заказ. Мировые шедевры. | VK

Take an unexpected color combo, throw in some soft petal ruffles, top it off with STUNNING hibiscus flowers, and you get magic: Cake by Micialuna

Торты для женщин - Сообщество «Кондитерская» - Babyblog.ru

Торты для женщин - Сообщество «Кондитерская» - Babyblog.ru

A cake for an adorable 1-year old whose favourite toy is a large, stuffed monkey.   What better way to showcase her playful and energetic personality, than with a 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed theme.  Rich dark chocolate mud cake with vanilla SMBC.  Gumpaste figures and fondant decorations.  Thanks for looking!

15 Monkeys on a Bed Cake ~ Admit it, we've all sung (and acted out) that old ditty "Monkeys on a Bed". This first birthday cake depicts monkeys in action. We don't know what we love more: how elegant this cake is or how cute the monkeys' expressions are.

Fairy's Love by Joonie Tan - http://cakesdecor.com/cakes/223311-fairy-s-love

A 2 tier sillouette theme wedding cake, with stories of fairies fallen in love, an adaptation from Cakes by Heather Jane’s creation !