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"I can go like this!" why is this so accurate?

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Johnny Depp / Pirates Of The Caribbean / Captain Jack Sparrow / SO TRUE, but not Mom though

i always fangirl when I'm alone so that i don't have that problem, but still funny!

I promise to be as stable as I can be with you. Unless you insult one of my many fandoms, then say your goodbyes ^_^ (lol, jk XD)


Just suddenly BAM OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Worst thing as being a fangirl: You can't plan when a new OTP is about to come into your life and ruins everything

fangirling pretty much

"He's got these eyes that just–" <--that would be me talking about Tom Hiddleston. "And this hair, wow!" <---that would be me talking about Thor. "And his smile." <---that would be me talking about Josh Hutcherson.<--- umm, Aladdin left out thor's body!

And I would like to thank those fan artists and I'm sure the fics are great too I just don't read them

YAAAAAAAA, I laughed at this cuz they are just unknown people to most that are taking over the ship xD

It is unbelievable how bloody accurate this is

Why is this so true I was like I just like niall horan not one direction but then I heard little things omg 😂