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Seven halfbloods

Seven half-bloods shall anwser the call To Storm or Fire the world must fall An oath to keep with a final breath And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson Quotes chart pretty much but I would replace party ponies for This is a PEN! They also need to add the dam snack bar too << and schist

I couldn't stop laughing! XD Heroes of Olympus x Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Gee, i don't know if i should pin this on Avatar or Percy Jackson. This is why I have a Fandom Crossovers board!

Nico, nico, nico...

*scandalized Hazel fanning herself* Nico! *Everyone else (Jason Reyna Bianca annabeth piper Percy etc.)* WILL HOW DARE YOU. *Apollo* YEAH GO WILL. *Hades* is shocked and a little angry but smirks