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Orange Architects: The Cube in Beirut

Image 7 of 7 from gallery of The Cube / Orange Architects. Courtesy of Orange Architects

Belzberg Architects have designed a modern office building that features 272 metal fins that create a sculptural facade and travel through to the interior of the building. #Facade #Architecture

272 Metal Fins Are Featured Throughout This New Commercial Building In Mexico City Designed By Belzberg Architects

Belzberg Architects have designed a modern commercial building that features 272 metal fins that create a sculptural facade.

Uma casa no pedacinho do paraíso....

AE House, Angra dos Reis, Brazil, by Jacobsen Arquitetura. This would be the best house to have in the world. Look at that view!

Casa Geminada, São Paulo, Brasil / CR2 Arquitetura

Galeria de Casa Geminada / CR2 Arquitetura - 21

Proposal for the Atacama Regional Museum / David Rodriguez Arquitectos + Combeau & De Iruarrizaga Architects

Gallery of 9 Ideas for Presenting Your Project With Concrete Models - 2

Oxygen EcoTower, 2016 - Progetto CMR

“Oxygen Eco-tower, your villa in the sky”. The design strategy aims at upgrading the traditional concept of villas, through a new residential tower reflecting a sustainable vision that develops upwards, to minimize the use of the soil in.

CP House / Alventosa Morell Arquitectes

Gallery of CP House / Alventosa Morell Arquitectes - 1

Squeezed between two existing buildings in Barcelona, this family home by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes features a steel frame, a timber facade and two street-facing balconies . Spanish studio Alventosa Morell Arquitectes designed CP House for a

Decostore - Blog - Casas - Casa Moderna em São Francisco

Casa Moderna em São Francisco por jmA

Butterfly House 02 John Maniscalco Architecture Designs an Elegant Contemporary Home with Views Over San Francisco

Construído pelo Jacobsen Arquitetura na Laranjeiras, Brazil na data 2014. Imagens do Pedro Kok. O objetivo conceitual desse projeto foi desenvolver uma casa de 2 pavimentos que visualmente parecesse térrea. Pra is...

Residência RT / Jacobsen Arquitetura

Image 1 of 21 from gallery of RT Residence / Jacobsen Arquitetura. Photograph by Pedro Kok

EDIFÍCIO 1232 - Arquea Arquitetos . Escritório de Arquitetura Curitiba Balcony to take in a view block the elements and create a useable projected space that is minimised at the peak to help with ofset laws.

Adding a sharp angle with a lengthened side could deal with overlooking issues on the potential balcony EDIFÍCIO 1232 - Arquea Arquitetos .