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Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness

Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness- I am doing good if I get 3 or 4 things crossed off. And if we finish list it will take at least 4 days you recover!

I am trying my best! Facebook.com/FibroColors

I am trying. Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Auto-Immune Disease, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Illness, Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Hyperaldosteronism.

Millions of Americans have some sort of chronic illness. It really helps when our friends and family try to understand what we're going through. Here's what we want you to know.

25 Secrets of People With Chronic Illnesses

Chronic Illness affects many people. Here's 25 secrets of people who suffer from chronic Illness -- including fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, and many others.

BELIEVE ME OR NOT, THIS IS THE AWFUL TRUTH! ONLY "WE"(the chronically ill)WOULD UNDERSTAND THE COMBINATION OF THE SIDE EFFECTS FROM OUR RX's WOULD LIKELY ALLOW MOST OF "US" TO LIVE A HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE. May God bless "us" with treatments that allow a more fulfilling future for every generation to come. Maybe ourselves as well. God Bless L.m.guerra

MS Memes and more Multiple Sclerosis Information. Memes MS and more Multiple Sclerosis Information MS Education by MS Advocate Lynne.

Chronic illness memes

Chronic illness memes

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