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Youngjae from B.A.P

Youngjae from B.P// and the award for 'most kissable lips' goes to.

The next generation of idol visuals? (BTOB's Sungjae, BTS's Jin, GOT7's Mark, VIXX's Hongbin, B.A.P.'s Youngjae)

Let's take a look at some handsome idol group members that will warm your hearts with the coming spring.



YES! I hate this... This is me with Exo-K...Can't choose between Kai and Sehun, so I love them both <3

KPop Fans Can Relate Like in B.P, I freaking love Youngjae and Himchan, but I can't ever decide which one I love most. Same with SHINee, I love Onew and Taemin, but I can't decide which I like better ~~ can't decide with any member this is bad

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