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Sabelpoot (Booted Bantams) is a beautiful and charming bird, which appear in lots of lovely colours. They have a very calm friendly character and quickly get attach to you.

we snuck in...

"After breakfast we couldn’t find the chickens anywhere in the yard…. as I went out the front I heard a little ‘cluck’ from the sofa…. they had snuck upstairs, and were all bundled in the living room together…. never trust a chicken…. they are sneaky"

Is there anything more adorable than a chicken in a hand-knitted sweater?

These DIY Chicken Sweaters Are Going Viral

Handmade Chicken Sweaters ~ Fashionable AND warm! Help us raise money for a new insulated winter coop! by FolK&FarM

Chocolate Orpington Bantam

chocolate orpington bantam, I used to have a blue bantam like this who would jump in my arms whenever she was afraid.

Millefleur Belgian d'Uccle Chicken

Mille Fleur hen - such a cool looking chicken! [ I'm going to have chickens at my little cottage & definitely 1 just like this ]

A Chicken A Day

A Chicken A Day