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El sol a pleno en Lobos

El sol a pleno en Lobos

Geniales imágenes largas... pasa o morire.... - Taringa!

Geniales imágenes largas... pasa o morire....

Norwegian visual artist Andreas Lie merges verdant landscapes and photographs of animals to creates subtle double exposure portraits. Lie is undoubtedly influenced by his surroundings in Bergen, Norway, a coastal city surrounded by seven mountains.

A Pack Line by DeeOtter Gray wolf Canis lupus Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone MT

I can't believe there are idiots that hunt these beautiful creatures. Let nature balance itself. Humans always screw it up. But I know that the wolf will win!

Wolves deep in  Denali National Park, Alaska, 2016 - by Aaron Huey (1975), USA

her-wolf: Wolves deep in Denali National Park, Alaska Photo by argonautphoto (Aaron Huey)

Gray Wolf Between Birch Tree Trunks by William Ervin

Gray Wolf Near Birch Tree Trunks, Canis Lupus, MN Papier Photo par William Ervin sur AllPosters.

Mimicking Mom

50 Parents From The Animal Kingdom And Their Adorable Kids

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Nick pressed closer. She squirmed but he wouldn't let her go.  "What do you want?"  She needed an alpha, and there he was, dominating her. Not one in a hundred men could do that.  "Vesper," he said, growling.   "I want you." She turned her face, her teeth bared, fangs drawn and visible. He let off her at just the right moment and she struck blindly, her fangs sinking into his upper arm. #loveandmonsters #oliviastocum author @ www.oliviastocum.com #werewolves #NickVesper

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