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Classic Woodie

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by Igor Kovalenko - Photo 153086035 -

Kari von Wening - metal artist, (like the idea for a tattoo and placing personal and meaningful pictures on the wings)

No idea how as link is archives if you have tumbler, you can find info. Waves & Blossom by Kari von Wening

Butterfly Haven Wood Project Plan

Butterfly Haven Wood Project Plan Attractive shelter for butterflies protects them from predators & bad weather. Front opens for easy cleanout.

These flowers in a vase. (Photo: Lianna Sabrina) This wonderful lantern. (Photo: Tattooist River) These tiny violets. (Photo: Jess Hannigan) Saturn. (Photo: Jess Ika) This dimensional mandala flower. (Photo: Flo Nuttall) These colorful behind-the-ear florals. (Photo: Banul) These delicate black and grey ink florals on rib cage. (Photo: Tritoan Ly) These blackwork peonies. (Photo: Laura Weller)

60 Must-See Tattoos For Woman Considering Ink

2017 trend Women Tattoo - Picture perfect floral bouquet on back by Handitrip.

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free printable butterflies by carter flynn

Giant Hummingbird (Patagona gigas)

Giant Hummingbird (Patagona gigas) found in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador and Argentina

Ron Layport, "Miriam's Garden," 2012. Maple with pigment. Courtesy Del Mano.

Woodturning by Ron Layport

Hummingbird and Hibiscus

beautiful Hummingbird and flower.

Diez orugas hermosas …..pero toxicas!!!! - Comunidad Catracha [JPosas siempre con nosotros] - Taringa!

Diez orugas hermosas …..pero toxicas!!!!

Stinging rose caterpillars, also known as the rose slug caterpillars, are the bizarre larvae of handsome green and pale brown moths.

Pica_Pau_Carmesin ( Macho ) ------ ( Piculus rivolii ) -  Bolívia , Colômbia , Equador , Peru e Venezuela.

Pica_Pau_Carmesin ( Macho ) ------ ( Piculus rivolii ) - Bolívia , Colômbia , Equador , Peru e Venezuela.

Find Native Plants - Please help us create the Ultimate Guide to Finding Native Plants. Find your state, and leave a comment there with your favorite native plant nurseries and native plant organizations http://findnativeplants.com/

Top ten best woody plants for butterfly gardens

perfect book on native gardening! the site has great info. also. highly recommended!

A Case for Native Gardening — Bringing Nature Home Incredible book on why native plants are important to our environment. Highly recommend this to anyone considering planting new landscape or flower beds.

Love butterflies? Plant host and nectar flowers to attract them and providing a…

Green Roof Butterfly House in Cedar

Audubon Woodlink Butterfly Shelter, Quality Handcrafted Butterfly Houses For Those Who Love Butterflies at Songbird Garden

Red-humped Caterpillar - Schizura concinna

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Classic Woodie

hummingbird in flight, feathers spreaded Photo by Anna Trandeva — National Geographic Your Shot