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Saut en parachute - Skydiving - Sunset Orange is the color representative of excitement and fun, and this certainly qualifies as an orange activity.

Joseph Kittinger Salto desde 31km en Paracaidas 16/08/60 - Taringa!

Joseph Kittinger Salto desde 31km en Paracaidas 16/08/60

Joe Kittinger’s then record-breaking skydive from Excelsior II - August 1960 , Altitude : Miles, Speed Duration :

Base Jumping

Base Jumping....

Base Jumping at Yosemite National Park. Which also happens to be illegal, but that's beside the point.

ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog Medioambiente.org : Navegando en piragua entre la lava del volcán Kilauea

Extreme sports photographer Alexandre Socci accompanied professional kayaker Pedro Oliva and his team as they decided to take on the turbulent waters surrounding Kilauea - most active volcano in Hawaiian Islands

Skydiving - Freefall Tandem Jump

Freefalling from in a tandem jump at Skydive Plainwell which is in between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, West of Lansing.