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Phil god christ hope love world life faith jesus cross christian bible quotes dreams truth humble patient gentle YOU will become a saint, just wait :)

/ photo by Michael Smyjewski

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Morning, afternoon, and night are all spent by the seaside.

Take your backpack to the beach! Perfect for a towel, sunscreen, and anything else you need.

roadtrip..good music is a must

Getting to turn up the tunes on those really long road trips where you get hours of music listening in.


The best part of life is not having a care in the world, sitting on top of a mountain with your best friend.

I am not afraid to stand on my own. I am not afraid of the silence, in fact I love the way it envelopes me like a warm hug. I am not afraid to be alone.

man-and-camera: “ Getting lost isn't always a bad thing ➾ Luke Gram ” If only i were that girl.


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