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There's nothing real on TV

Let’s discuss culture-jamming – the practice of using mass media as a tool against itself. It is a form of activism which most consider to be the

"Adbusters regularly posts culture jams that "détourne" the message of ads to expose bad labor practices and the negative effects of certain products." This image shows that Coca-Cola, a company who tries to come off as family friendly, is nothing more than a capitalist corporation. culture jamming - Buscar con Google

one of my favourite examples of culture jamming: iconic, well-crafted and very true.

In the United States Nike is coined as being the hero of the athletic world. Buying their products will allow you to make all your personal and athletic goals attainable because suddenly you can "just do it". But as consumers we forget who has to make these products. This culture jamming ad displays the reality of where Nike products come from and what "just doing it" looks like to children in other countries. Photo found on Pinterest.

Paris Is Covered In Fake Ads That Mock the Climate Talks' Corporate Sponsors

At one point, Nike allowed custom writing on their shoes, an artist had an idea, and in the request field online had words like “sweatshop” or “slavery”, and Nike.

Stop War Culture Jamming Sign by weburbanist, via Flickr

Social Commentary Art: Stop War // really cute. I've always liked the stenciled-on "war" on stop signs, and this kind of one-ups it.

"Breathe"   Ron English's works explores popular brand imagery and advertisement in mash ups of high and low culture touchstones. He uses a tactic called Culture Jamming. Culture Jams are intended to question assumptions behind commercial cultures and often use mass media to create ironic and satirical commentaries about it self.

Ron English x Popaganda "Mini Billboard Release"

Breathe Mini Billboard by Ron English uses the well-known design of a cigarette package to catch attention. yet advertises for people to quit smoking and breathe healthy.

Summary: This is example of culture jamming through a coke ad i found on pinterest.  Caption: This ad relates to the article "Political Culture Jamming." Pop as many people know is very unhealthy for you.  However, every coke ad is basically saying you are not enjoying life unless you drink coke.  This ad is simple and gets the point across that drinking coke makes you fat.-Joseph Traini

Culture Jamming

This culture jam targets the Coca-Cola brand of soda through the means of a…

Pin by Bint Woo on Subvertising, Culture Jamming | Pinterest

Pin by Bint Woo on Subvertising, Culture Jamming