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Happy Forest Walk, an 18 inch, all wool yarn, Ojo de Dios, by custom order

Happy Forest Walk an 18 inch all wool yarn Ojo de от JaysMandalas

This has been one of my favorite designs for many years. Made with acrylic yarns, giving it a bit of extra snap. Acrylic yarns that I use are a bit thicker than the wool yarns, and cheaper to buy, so I can offer this ojo for $30 less than its wool yarn equivalent. Three different versions are shown, with added closeup views of my latest version. The last photo is my original, circa 2003.  The theme the opening up of a flower as a bud unfolds to full bloom. Every custom order is unique,and…

Unfolding, a custom order 24 inch Ojo de Dios mandala

You'll Never Believe How Giant These Intricate Woven Mandalas Are   - CountryLiving.com

These Intricate "God's Eyes" Are Absolutely Stunning

Ojo de Dios, yarn mandala Summertime, 18 inch, by custom order

Spiritual Mandalas Made with Wool – Fubiz Media

Spiritual Mandalas Made with Wool

The Pearl Within a 24 inch wool yarn Ojo de Dios от JaysMandalas

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/153842204/ojo-de-dios-yarn-mandala-heart-of-gold

Ojo de Dios, yarn mandala, Heart of Gold, 18 inch,

Schild der Liebe durch Sonderanfertigung 24 Zoll von JaysMandalas, $240.00

Purple Sage a 16 inch Ojo de Dios by custom by JaysMandalas

Meadow Bright an 18 inch 8sided Ojo de Dios by by JaysMandalas, $105.00

eye Meadow Bright, an 18 inch Ojos de Dios mandala, by Jay Mohler

Ojo de Dios mandala

Ojo de Dios mandala, Silent Wonder, 24 inch by custom order

Ojo de Dios, by Jay Mohler

The other day I found these and thought you'd all like to feast your eyes as well. These God's Eye artworks (in Spanish, Ojos de Dios) ar.


Fantasy yarn mandala 20 inches 50 cm wall by JivaMandalas