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Wrist tattoos for men have evolved greatly over the last few years. Check out what they represent in our huge gallery for the best wrist tattoo designs.

Okie doke // colors

Amanda Grace Leadman Black 13 Tattoo Parlor I wold get this on my leg just so I could punch everyone who looks at it.

Trishula Tattoo

Greek Warrior Tattoo

Here you will find most beautiful and attractive Shiva tattoo designs and ideas for your Shiva tattoos, Lord shiva beautiful tattoos and designs for men and women.

Tattoo Artist - Elvin Yong Tattoo |

Tattoo by Elvin Yong Tattoo

We selected 30 of the most awesome and cool full sleeve tattoo designs, every men and women. These tattoos will make you want to add more tattoo designs

Elephant Octopus hybrid tattoo. Amazing. Artist unknown.

Really like this design that combines an elephant and an octopus. Both the elephant and octopus create a powerful creature that is symbolic of ancient wisdom and undiscovered mysteries.

Wow I was just thinking about this a couple hours ago ... Wish weird. Love this!-Allison

So weird that I was just thinking of Wiccan/witch art or tattoos.I started drawing on myself & this beautiful piece under witch tattoos shows up.

Featured Tattoo Artist: Duke Riley -

Featured Tattoo Artist: Duke Riley

Duke Riley tattoos at East River Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. He is also a painter: his tattoos are definitely worth a look!