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Los #lunes siempre son difíciles... porqué no empezar con buen pie? #Desayuno #Café   #Mondays are always hard ... why don't you have a good start? #Breakfast #Coffee

Cappuccino, the one time king of specialty coffee drinks. Many people around the world like to drink cappuccino But is cappuccino good for our health?


My ultimate Iced Coffee~ strong black coffee~sweetened condensed milk. Allow coffee to cool to room temp. Fill a glass w/ coffee ice cubes, pour in the coffee, add a generous amount of the condensed milk.


I witnessed discrimination today! Yes, in the coffee industry - outrageous! "I stopped at an out-of-town coffee shop today and I couldn't believe what I saw. Clear cut discrimination right before my eyes.

Incredible Latte Art

Incredible latte art with animals, celebrities, and yes, Hello Kitty.


pink cherry blossom design on coffee. Probably the most beautiful coffee cup art I've seen.

40 Beautiful Coffee Art Examples |  http://www.mainecoonguide.com/where-to-find-free-maine-coon-kittens/

Where to Find Free Maine Coon Kittens

I have got to get me one a' these!!

Some days I feel I could use this much coffee ~ World's Largest Coffee Cup