Armor for the tilt of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, c. 1575.
Ottoman Empire armor belonging to Sultan Mustafa III consisting of migfer (helmet), zirah (mail shirt), mail trousers, kolluk/bazu band (vambrace/arm guards), shamshir (sabre), decorated with gold and encrusted with jewels, 18th century, exhibited in the Imperial Treasury of Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey.
Armadura del KD del emperador Carlos V | Patrimonio Nacional
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Italian    Armor for the Joust, c. 1550/60 with later additions    Steel  H. 182.9 cm (72 in.)
Late German Gothic period (approx. 1480) armour belonging to Duke Siegmund of Tyrol,  made by Lorenz Helmschmid of Augsburg. This armour represents the pinnacle of the armourers' art, and is typical of the late German Gothic style with its fluted surfaces and graceful lines. Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.
Athik slipped into his armor and stepped into the open. Never before had he felt so exposed. ~Assassins Realm
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