Dexter - Season 7

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An entry from a beautiful mess

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Series finale of Dexter...the absolute worst. I literally cried for days.

I guess Dexter Series Finale is one of the most realistic yet tragic ending for a TV show about anti-hero character :")

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan - Dexter

I think I loved Dexter even more because his hunting uniform always included a dark henley. Hall as Dexter Morgan - Dexter

Masuka #fav asian

Dexter Quotes - Lila likes the little things in life. Masuka is there to please.

#Dexter #BloodyGood

Dexter Morgan SAI + PS texture Thank you so much for paying attention Blood Magic

Dexter laughted so much at this part. Lmfao

Dexter thinking up scenarios about telling Deb the truth.