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Japanese Sweet Mori Girl Retro Autumn Cotton Long Sleeve Dress 2 Colors in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Clothing, Dresses

[ FC:: random japanese fashion pictures idk ] "Hallo, I'm Mirai-Hana. I'm caste five from Yukon, and I'm a clothes designer. I'm from a village in New Asia- that was attacked by bombers and I lost everything. I moved to Yukon to escape the warfare.

Cute Hooded Collar Long Sleeve Rabbit Print Knitting Wool Long Coat Light tan = 1920025988 from Bling Bling Deals.

If you don't want to stick out in Tokyo, here's what you need to know: how to greet people, what to say and do, and what you definitely shouldn't say to people.

6 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit Tokyo

How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Tokyo - Condé Nast Traveler

ohhhh myy goodness! love

Spring trends for yen: Chikako's Closet featuring denim jacket, knit sweater, bra top, button-down blouse with contrast collar and placket, and tropical floral print leggings (

tumblr_ngnmuw3EzB1targgco1_1280.jpg (800×1096)

tumblr_ngnmuw3EzB1targgco1_1280.jpg (800×1096)

Wow, if I had the figure to wear this I would do it ;) diet, I shall tackle you again~ lovely colors and the boots are awesome.

Cute, sweet gyaru: Creme beret with flower details. Creme dress with brown pattern. Brown knee high boots with lacing.

tumblr_ngnmuw3EzB1targgco7_1280.jpg (800×1090)

tumblr_ngnmuw3EzB1targgco7_1280.jpg (800×1090)

tragic to be left to rot

Blue Staircase by Jo Datou on Fivehundredpx This is probably the most famous of the various beautiful staircases of the abandoned Beelitz Heilstätten, located in Beelitz, Brandenburg (Germany). Built in 1898 and has been abandoned for 13 years now.

Casual Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Top Blouse | Daisy Dress for Less | Women’s Dresses & Accessories

Casual Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Top Blouse

This Elegant Special Collar Frills Long Sleeves Cotton Blends Women's Dress would be so cute during Fall and Winter! I'd prefer thicker tights or leggings though.

Shuuka Fujii, Audrey Ayaka, Mayuko Arisue // JJ magazine (November 2015) credits : Weibo

Shuuka Fujii, Audrey Ayaka, Mayuko Arisue // JJ magazine (November 2015) credits : Weibo

Corn Stars: 8 Weird Japanese Corn Snacks, Foods & Drinks    ---  from --- for the coolest new products and wackiest inventions.

Corn Stars: 8 Weird Japanese Corn Snacks, Foods & Drinks

Japan is king when it comes to liking corn and British royalty need only gaze eastward to see a real corn nation. If you're harboring any kernels of doubt, check out these 8 weird Japanese corn snacks, foods & drinks and prepare to be a maized!