Recently been introduced to D&D and it's been exciting.

Dice Dragon Sale April by DragonsAndBeasties I love the one, it looks like a galaxy dragon!

♠ Teal and copper dragon by kimrhodes ♠

Dragon "soft" mixed media sculpture, made with suffing over a wire frame and covered with fabric, each scale cut and placed by hand. polymer clay head a. Teal and copper dragon

Splendor Baby Dragon by MakoslaCreations on Etsy

Splendor Baby Dragon by MakoslaCreations on Etsy yellow orange black polymer clay beast

Glow in the Dark Poison Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties on Etsy

Handmade from high quality polymer clay. Potion and back plates glow in the dark!

Dragon yard art

Kittybrewster had a knack for thumbing her nose at anyone who gave her a bad time!

Eeto species ref vol1 by on @DeviantArt

EDIT The species sheet is little outdated, please ask me directly if something remains unclear. Changes to be applied: *Wings aren't super rare tr. Eeto species ref