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Op Art.

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Bridget Riley (b1931) is a British artist.  Around 1960 she began to develop her signature Op Art style consisting of black and white geometric patterns that explore the dynamism of sight and produce a disorienting effect on the eye.

Scroll this up and down ! Untitled (La Lune en Rodage - Carlo Belloli) / by Bridget Riley.

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Bridget Riley here as well as in my art board because her op art painting goes with the Twiggy portrait on the right!

The eye can travel over the surface in a way parallel to the way it moves over nature. It should feel caressed and soothed, experience frictions and ruptures, glide and drift. One moment, there will be nothing to look at and the next second the canvas seems to refill, to be crowded with visual events - Bridget Riley

Descending Artist: Bridget Riley Completion Date: 1966 Style: Op Art Genre: abstract

Hesitate 1964 Bridget Riley born 1931 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1985


Bridget Riley Hesitate 1964 optical illusion made with dots in gradients of grey where the dots appear to be receding in to each other in the middle of the picture

Bridget Rileys, Drift n.2 (1968)

Bridget Riley: pinturas ópticas que desafían la mirada


Julian Stanczack Op art/ non-representational geometric shapes, optical illusion, detect a sense of movement./ This image uses curved lines to give the viewer illusion of movement.

Untitled (La Lune en Rodage - Carlo Belloli) by Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley, 'Untitled (La Lune en Rodage - Carlo Screenprint, signed and dated in pencil, numbered - by Dreweatts & Bloomsbury