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20 fotografías impresionantes de caracoles                              …

20 fotografías impresionantes de caracoles

Talented Ukranian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko uses macro photography to show us everyday lives of snails in their tiny mysterious world. Mishchenko’s interest with the miniature natural world around us began early on in


Estas fotografías transforman el mundo de insectos y caracoles en un cuento de hadas

La fuerza de voluntad y logros.

Photographer Lessy Sebastian, snapped it after spotting ants carrying leaves and eggs near his mum’s house in Jakarta, Indonesia. He said: “It’s like a circus performer balancing a spinning plate.” And Lessy’s picture is f-ant-astic.

Vyacheslav Mishchenko

A fantastic photographer who loves to shoot macro with a lot of passion and of course patience. This is Vyacheslav Mishchenko for you who began to shoot na

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Smile at this goofy frog! "Gymnastics" photo by yensen tan ==== treefrog is also known as the dumpy frog and Australian green tree frog Litoria caerulea.

Comfort Spring Station — Ladybugs on Flowers

2 lady birds (lady bugs) meet up.or it could be one ladybird and one man bird(or bug!whatever, they're meeting each other and it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful photo:))

giant python

This is the coolest thing ever. Giant Python who eats 10 chickens every week is the best friend of this kid. A small boy in Cambodia has made friends with a 5 meter-long Burmese python.