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CEIP Verge de Lluc

CEIP Verge de Lluc

finger print mothers day flower poem

Finger Print Flower and Poem ~ DIY Mother& Day Card. Perfect for school craft project, boys scout Mothers Day gift idea.

Weaving with Kids- these incredible weavings were made by kids using simple cardboard looms!

Weaving with Kids

DIY: Weaving with Kids. Make cardboard looms and show children how to weave. From Art Bar.

DIY Reggio Style Acrylic Painting Stand

How to Open an Art Studio for Kids

DIY Reggio Style Acrylic Painting Stand add clips up top and spot for shelves at mid point and down low

10 Mother's Day Crafts for Toddlers: Bird Handprint Card

You know I love a good bird craft, right? This cute card uses your child's handprint to create a sweet little bird sitting in a nest. The perfect card to give a Grandma or Mother for Mother's Day.

CEIP Verge de Lluc

CEIP Verge de Lluc

Art Gallery

art gallery / this is kind of the idea I had for displays at our end of year art show for school. Artist party Think it'd be cool to have a maze of boxes with kids art work on every side!

Sensory Game, "What's in the Stocking?" (children use their sense of touch)

What's in the Stocking? 20 questions game (adapted for K) Write on board. ask teacher yes/no questions to figure out object in stocking. Erase a number after each ? OR Rhyming stocking? pull an object out and make a rhyme? Beginning sounds, etc.

Magical Hatching Dinosaur Eggs ~Super Fun and Easy Dino activity! (allow 24 hours for eggs to dry/harden)

A NEW way to make dinosaur eggs using only two ingredients. With this new recipe, these magic eggs hatch and everything to reveal baby dinosaurs! Would be easy to make in the classroom too! Baking Soda + Water (vinegar to hatch)

Diapositiva1.JPG (960×720)

Diapositiva1.JPG (960×720)


Pretty Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea - Sassy Dealz. They also have a similar Q-Tip dandelion card idea on this site.

Put numbers one one die...dots that match your bingo dotters on the other die.  Roll them both and make the number of dots in the color shown :)

What a fun game! Make two dice: one with numbers, and one with colors. Roll the dice, then use dot stamps to make that number of dots in that color on your paper. My adaption would be to have the dice be a doubles dice to practice double math facts