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ArtStation - Video of HYWAK-Advanced Hydraulic Walker Mech., tle industry

ArtStation - Video of HYWAK-Advanced Hydraulic Walker Mech.

Uprising - A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy is the brainchild of Ben Hansford. Contribute to this amazing project on kickstarter.


Macross' Tomahawk Destroid or Battletech's Warhammer Mech. Either way, one of my favorite mechanism

Come here if you have a mecha addiction, or you want to have a mecha addiction ^_^.

Mwo Mauler by tigeri210 on DeviantArt

A Recolor of a somewhat Iconic mech; The Ashborn Warriors. Template done by: Odanan Original art by: Alex aka Flyin.

Death Adder Mech (Warhawk II) by Mecha-Zone on DeviantArt

This unofficial mech was commissioned by He has provided some stats and background history as well.


Another in my series of Battletech unseen redesigns, this time it's a 70 ton Archer in Wolf's Dragoons colors. The loadout is a modified Weapons: 4 Multi Missile Launchers 1 Light .