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From just a couple hours ago at my local nursery "Studio or Capital Nursery as most others know it.

Orange and purple, in black. Stunning.

Orange and purple, in black. Stunning.


Peach blossoms are so much fun to work with when designing the floral crowns. They are a simplistic, yet fresh and beautiful flower that can be pair with just about anything. I have. Some fun ideas are in store for the future with peach blossoms.

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What kind of flowers is this? Finally found out that this is a hellebore! A double-painted hellebore!


New amazing flowers pics every day, be the first to see them! Fantastic flowers will make your heart open. Easily get in a great mood and feel happy all day long!


The five-foot-tall 'Lauren Michele' dahlia boasts waterlily blooms with pale lavender petals and dark undersides, beautiful tattoo idea love the color too

Purple Morning Glory Spirals

Purple Morning Glory Spirals By _Maji_ Morning Glories are always planted in my garden every year. The fact that each bloom is brand new every morning reminds me of God's Mercy which is also new every morning.

Alternative Gardning: Hoya wax flower

A vining succulent outdoors in summer, indoors in winter in cool or cold climates. The plant is very long lived and requires almost no care. Leaves are long, thick and very green with bright light.

‘Juul’s Allstar’

50 Dahlias to Drool Over

True Dahlia Bulbs,Flowers Dahlia,(Not Dahlia Seeds),National Flower of Mexico,Flower Symbolizes Good Luck for Home Garden

The peculiar-looking but lovely Afgekia sericea is a perennial plant endemic to Asia. This climbing shrub belongs to the genus Afgekia.

Spikes - Rare Afgekia sericea, Legume Explored 9 August: Found this rare beauty at Chiang Mai's Queen's Park.

Cape Daisies | Backyards Click

~~Cape Daisy by Mandy Disher~~ More Flower seeds, vegetable seeds, flower bulbs