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El ciclo del Servicio de Atención al Cliente

El ciclo del Servicio de Atención al Cliente

By Sarah Andersen.

10+ Hilarious Relationship Comics That Perfectly Sum up What Every Long-Term Relationship Is Like

sarahseeandersen: “My preteen years were tough. Unfortunately, the sudden change in my underwear options only made it worse.

Sarah's Scribbles Pt. 2 - Imgur

Sarah's Scribbles Pt. 2

Life can get real tough when a Youtube “smokey eyes” make-up tutorial turns you into a raccoon instead of a dazzling beauty. Or when you wake up in the morning looking like Chewbacca (curly Pandas, we feel you). At least we can laugh about it together with Cassandra Calin, a Romanian artist, whose amusing illustrations about women’s everyday problems get straight to the point.

Women’s Everyday Problems Illustrated By Romanian Artist

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

Dear all young people who haven& figured your lives out yet: Sarah Andersen understands you perfectly.

This comic strip shows how unprepared many girls are for their maturation compared to boys. This relates to Brumberg's statements that girls are prepared for more of a "hygienic crisis rather than a maturational event (Brumberg