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Famílium STOP LGTBI-FOBIA & be happy

Famílium STOP LGTBI-FOBIA & be happy

15 теплых иллюстраций о спонтанном проявлении любви

In a simple, yet beautiful series of illustrations, artist Philippa Rice explores the little things that create joy to those in love. These illustrations are featured in her comic book “Soppy, A Love Story”.

É ler junto na cama após um dia cansativo

É ler junto na cama após um dia cansativo

The everyday experiences are actually quite big. * Philippa Rice began capturing the day-to-day parts of her relationship with her boyfriend, Luke Pearson, in a comic series she titled "Soppy." The U.K.-based artist and illustrator started drawing them because she wanted to document those small moments and "silly things," she told Upworthy. The series was eventually published in a book called "Soppy: A Love Story."

24 relationship comics that illustrate the beauty in the mundane moments.

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Soppy — Philippa Rice

Known for her webcomic “My Cardboard Life”, Philippa Rice has come up with a book of illustrations chronicling her life with her.

Soppy the book by Philippa Rice is available in the US for purchase! Check out the post for more info.

cardboardlife: Soppy is out today in North America! Order your.

Soppy Feet by Philippa Rice

Panel from Soppy, a book by Philippa Rice — one of my favorite graphic novels!


Soppy on Miss Moss · i think that many of us can relate to Soppy, a set of illustrations by Philippa Rice about the everyday minutiae within a relationship…