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encendida de amor

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Autumn in New England . you'll never find a more beautiful place on earth than Autumn in New England.

expression-venusia: “ the Bonsai tree show Expression ”

Sokolica, by Lukasz Jakobczyk. Sokolica in Pieniny Mountains, Poland with its famous pine-tree.

This is so flippin cool looking...

I'm on fire when you're near me. I'm on fire when you speak. I'm on fire burning at These Mysteries.

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,   Love like you'll never be hurt,   Sing like there's nobody listening,   And live like it's heaven on earth

Little girl dancing in the rain. Little girl dancing in the rain. Little girl dancing in the rain silhouette.


Which Poetic Form are You?

Absolutely beautiful

beautiful splash of purple hues- lilac, lavender, deep dark violet passions.

Candles from church for my Dad and Mom, bless you always. I love you, xox

These candles represent the children who died and beckon us relentlessly to do something about sibling abuse.