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Lmao yes! And hope Tony stays off the roof xD Or in my bedroom....

And hope Tony stays off the roof xD Or in my bedroom.

sing on stage with Austin Carlile

idk who Austin is but sing on stage period!


When i wrote a letter to him i must have wrote a huge paragraph of how proud his mom would be. but i need to meet him to tell him again

I'd be so nervous that I'd burn him.

Oh god I wish


Then we can listen to Blink 182 and watch Home Alone


I want to start a band but.I have serious stage fright. Just have some real fun.

XD hahaha that would be so interesting

OMFG I neeeeeeeeed this so bad I've never gone to one of their concerts or seen then irl so yeah I haven't been able to

Love to do this with my 2 best friends I AM FOR WARPED TOUR SO THAT WILL BE DONE ON MY BUCKET LIST

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Deffinatly on my bucket list!

perfect bucket list: meet pierce the veil.

“ Submitted by: chemicalkidsouthernconstellation.  ”

“ Submitted by: chemicalkidsouthernconstellation. ”