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Gárgolas en Bahía Blanca

Gárgolas en Bahía Blanca

Notre Dame de paris. chimères. Les chimères sont de curieuses représentation de démon a origine pourtant protectrices. Chacunes des chimères de notre dame de Paris possède sa propre histoire. on confond souvent les gargouilles servant a evacuer l'eau a ces Chimères

Gargoyles on gothic architecture

Gothic Gargoyles | ... Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Gothic Style | Pixel 77

The History of Gargoyles & Grotesques (Facts, Information, Pictures

i want a gargoyle on the left shoulder, dragon on the right. gargoyle first.

Chrysler Building

New York’s Chrysler Building

From the Chrysler Building, New York, 1978 by George A. Tice One of the famous Chrysler gargoyles. From skyscraper: “ “ George A. Tice: From the Chrysler Building, New York, 1978 Photographer’s page.

The gargoyles in The Beautiful & the Cursed have slightly different rules, but the essence is the same. Love gargoyles!

Actually, gargoyles are spouts that are placed to drain water off buildings. The free standing statues most refer to as gargoyles are actually called grotesques.

{Escape} Budapest, Hungary by Jamie Silva #escape #amazingplaces #gargoyles

allthingseurope: Budapest, Hungary (by jaime.

GARGOYLS & Architectural Art

The History of Gargoyles & Grotesques (Facts, Information, Pictures

New York City Dragon" Photography art prints and posters by Monica .

Ok this is cool but I don't have a place to put it so I'll just say its a mythical creature... I like this sculpture because it's not too big. You sort of have to do a double take to see it.

Campania International Oscar Garden Statue

Campania International Oscar The Gargoyle Cast Stone Garden Statue - Garden Statues at Hayneedle

Winged Cat Gargoyle 6 1/2"

Winged Cat Gargoyle 6 1/2"

Winged Cat Gargoyle 6 x x

I should note that these bigger statues, as the "gargoyles" from the eponymously titled 90's cartoon, are grotesques.  Gargoyles, as root association with "gargle" hints, spout water; one can be seen center left, at the appropriate level.

Gargoyle Night Watch Photograph by Matthew Green - Gargoyle Night Watch Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale.

GARGOYLS & Architectural Art

GARGOYLS & Architectural Art -I love the shape of these gargoyles braided together.

Gargoyle, from the French gargouille, likely to mean "throat" or "gullet Latin gurgulio, gula, gargula ("gullet" or "throat") and similar words derived from the root gar, "to swallow", which represented the gurgling sound of water ( Portuguese garganta, "throat"; gárgola, "gargoyle gutter."

15 Gargoyles Who Partied Way Too Hard Last Night

Yeah, it's cold. Even the barfing statues are having problems.

gargoyle: Notre-Dame de Paris [Credit: © Paul Almasy/Corbis]

Notre-Dame de Paris

Gargoyles sit atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Photo by Paul Almasy / Corbis Technically, this shows a "Grotesque", as strictly speaking to be classified as "Gargoyle" it must funnel / spout water!

✪ Notre Dame et ses gargouilles, Paris, France, via jver64 on Flickr

Ile de la Cité, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris IV Love the gargoyles!

The Bradbury Institute is guarded by stone gargoyles who come to life when the institute is attacked.

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The Institute is guarded by stone gargoyles who come to life when the institute is attacked. (I think they'll each have diff personalities like the gargoyles in that cartoon the hunchback, but maybe scarier)

grotesques and gargoyles | grotesque gargoyle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I LOVE gargoyles! Awesome grotesque (gargoyles are waterspouts, grotesques are those that aren't)! I love these things, and it's sad how many people think they're bad and/or evil.when they're created to be the exact opposite!