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Graham Smith-Restaurant sketchbook Lots of good Art Journal drawings on his…


pen - drawing - pen and ink - watercolour - watercolor - sketch - sketching - sketchbook - café. Interesting way to focus eyes on front figure.

I like the way she outlines the page then breaks the frame. Brenda Swenson

Love how she itches and journals all on one page Brenda Swenson: sketching with watercolor

Tattoo Artist - 2011 Sketchbook www.kimjunggius.com

2011 Sketchbook

Kim Jung Gi sketch art photo gallery ink back Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung…

lamp street urban sketchbook notebook art artist illo illustration…

Really cool street lamp illustrations by Alena Kudryashova

drawlin for the moleskine group show at Spoke Art this dec.

Wesley Burt Drawings people and faces sketchbook

Daily journal by Gwen Diehn, of Real Life Sketchbook. Interesting blog of everyday life & observations; reminds me of Thoreau's journals. #naturalist

Daily journal by Gwen Diehn, of Real Life Sketchbook.

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Paul Heaston, living room sketch. Went a little crazy with this one. Brown Micron in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Paul Heaston, "Living Room Sketch", Brown Micron pen on paper (pocket Moleskine sketchbook, dimensions?

Graham Smith Illustration Blog: Restaurant Sketchbook

Illustrations, sketchbook experiments, life drawing, and videos from the desk of Graham Smith Illustration