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Escenas nunca antes vistas en la película: "Alvin y las Ardillas"

Robert Ganz, a software support technician from Quebec, Canada, spotted these cheeky critters doing the conga on a maple tree in his bac.

We all love squirrels; they are cute, furry and funny and they make hilarious memes. So here are a few very funny Squirrel memes to put a smile on your face.

Squirrel pile

All of the squirrels nest within something, whether it is ground or a tree. The type of nest depends on the location, the season, environment and the type of squirrel.

Where's the humility?

Are you talking to me? I have trees popping up all over my yard due to my neighborly squirrels

Ravenous rodent: The grey squirrel in Morro Rock Park, California just can't say no to a snack from visitors

Is that a square-rel? The cuddly rodent who really did eat all the nuts

This fat California ground squirrel has ballooned to twice its size after tourists repeatedly fed it nuts in the park where she lives! Ahh yes love fat animals

Eating fruits provide this animal a significant sugar boost at the same time offers plenty of energy to keep running around and find more goodies.

What Do Squirrels Like to Eat?

Take a left at the maple tree, take three running hops towards the locust tree, walk to the left, and dig just under the crabapple.