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Nikita Nomerz is a graffiti artist from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. He transforms enormous abandoned structures into giant portraits with his street art.

abandoned run-down buildings that were 'once considered beautiful or treasures' in St Louis

City of ghosts: Haunting abandoned buildings of St Louis after the city's population FELL by 70 per cent in a century

My French Country Home, French Living - Page 3 of 312 - Sharon SANTONI

French Chateau de Beauvoir of Claire Basler -- once a school property.

Nizhny Novgorod - Been here -Stroganov's Nativity Church

Why GoOnce the third largest city in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky) is one of the most stunningly beautiful spots in the entire country.

Image result for brick house with roof garden and parapet

Image result for brick house with roof garden and parapet

Abandoned: House Face. Near St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada

20 Houses That Think They're People

Wall mural in Québec, QC, Canada

Quebec City, Canada, by Ina T

Sbeitla. Tunisia

Sbeitla. Tunisia

Une maison qui fait son petit bonhomme de chemin !

Nice house with strange architecture

Piran in Slovenia | Europe a la Carte Travel Blog

Piran in Slovenia

Toon Bombing: Street Art by Aiden Glynn | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Toon Bombing: Street Art by Aiden Glynn

Toon Bombingby Erica in Art All it takes is some googly eyes, a wagging tongue and some fierce teeth to turn ordinary street fixtures into monsters. Canadian artist Aiden Glynn has brought humor to the streets of Toronto!


It& absolutely hilarious to find faces in inanimate objects. Were they designed that way? Are they haunted? Either way, these silly coincidences can turn an everyday item into a great conversation starter.

Sacred site -- barred from the sanctum.

Sacred site -- barred from the sanctum.

Brick church

Brick church

Red Square - Wikiwand

Kazan Cathedral in Red Square.