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http://www.deviantart.com/art/The-Night-Fury-sketch-2-529080620 oh woew

Very nice drawing of a Night Fury credit goes to the person who drew it 😆

Hiccup and Astrid fixed by Luciand29 on DeviantArt

It was bothering me the sizes of their heads and Hiccup's hand, and the shadows and the lighting too XD I had to fixed it! Hiccup and Astrid fixed

Toothless sketches by enolianslave

hey guys, I don't have time to colour this but if any of you wished, batter on. Only put this up to ley you know that I'll be illustrating the Titan com.

Image result for feminine dragon tattoos

°Night Fury ~ HTTYD by Scatha-the-Worm ~ pinned for my mum cause it's one of her favourite dragons

Astrid Hofferson drawing by random person

This is such a good sketch of Astrid! I give good credit to whoever drew this.