T. F. Simon.  http://www.tfsimon.com/tfsimon-novak374-supersize.jpg

Tavik František Šimon / Antiquarian Booksellers at Notre-Dame de Paris

TERESA HUBBARD / ALEXANDER BIRCHLER  Filmstills - The End, Wallace 2010 - 2011 Digital C-Print 110,5 x 127 cm (HB 28)

Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler: Filmstills - The End.

Examples of half-timbered medieval housing in Lisieux, France. Architectural…

A plate from Samuel Chamberlain's book "Domestic Architecture in Rural France" published in This plate shouws examples of Half timbered buildings in Lisieux

Une Bretagne par les contours / Brignogan-Plages  08/01/2015

Une Bretagne par les contours / Brignogan-Plages

Spirited Away animation layout

some Ghibli layout magic "Love this expression of a panning shot-always let the vision tell the tale.

Чешский художник Tavik Frantisek Simon.. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский…

Biography, museum and sale-gallery dedicated to one of the great painters of the century: T F