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Poder bajo la sombra: La familia Rothschild protagoniza numerosas teorías de la conspiración y hay quien advierte que posee más de la mitad de la riqueza del mundo

Ever heard the saying,“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely?” The Rothschild’s may be richer than God, but they sure are a messed up bunch. The Rothschild…

Pineal gland>holy crap I knew flouride was not good for you but jesus. I straight up told my pediatrician that I wasn't giving my son flouride pills for his teeth b/c my niece took it and her dentist was like nooo, that's not good for her teeth and it made them discolored.

Higher Perspective: How to Detox Your Pineal Gland from Fluoride, Mercury, and develop higher consciousness. The pineal gland is our connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Obama's buddies and special interest groups, some businesses and unions, Congress.....all exempt from Obamacare! WHY? If it is so great, wouldn't everyone want to sign up for it? Can one Liberal who supports this BS law explain that to me? Anyone? Anyone?

Obama's buddies and special interest groups, some businesses and unions, Congress.all exempt from Obamacare! Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder.

Giant donor to the DNC

Giant donor to the DNC

Very scary.

Very scary. Who is playing god today? Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are busy giving their wealth to some great causes, never a Rothschild, they GIVE nothing.

WHAT??!! How was this NOT all over the media, every single day of the 2016 campaign? Is EVERY newscaster afraid of meeting the same fate????!

The Clinton body count continues to grow.HELLO Americans, Wake Up! Is is no coincidence.