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El único portaaviones ruso zarpa para Siria: ¿Cómo es el Admiral Kuznetsov? - RT

Sukhoi on Admiral - Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier - Wikipedia

Got a favorite U.S. aircraft carrier? Thanks to those who serve...

Got a favorite U. Thanks to those who serve. I have always been amazed by the skill of these pilots.


Russian Navy Sukhoi "Flanker-D" aboard the carrier Kuznetzov

F-14 Tomcat

S Navy Grumman Tomcat, a carrier based interceptor aircraft, USA

Designed towards the end of WWII. It fought in Korea and Vietnam. Twice in Vietnam the old slow Skyraiders shot down modern Soviet made MiG jet fighters.

SU-something Seriously, pick any number and it'll probably fit. Ps: Why do people keep saving this pin?

The Republic F-105 Thunderchief was a Mach 2 capable fighter/bomber used by the United States Air Force. The F-105 conducted the majority of strike bombing missions during the early years of the Vietnam War and was the only U.S. aircraft removed from combat due to high loss rates. It was originally designed as a single-seat, nuclear-attack aircraft. later, a two-seat Wild Weasel version was developed for the role against SAM sites. The F-105 was nicknamed the "Thud" by its crews. (Wikipedia)

The Republic Thunderchief was a Mach 2 capable fighter/bomber used by the…