Phylogenetic, 2016

Michael Waraksa Illustration: Chosen by AI Michael Waraksa’s personal piece, "Phylogenetic," was chosen for inclusion in the American Illustration 36 online database.

Good Afternoon

Featured Artist of the Week - Michael Waraksa Michael Waraksa is a Chicago based artist/illustrator and a graduate of The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. He has exhibited his work across the.

visible thoughts

Martin O& collage -each bubble has a bit of a story or an image or a piece of someone& life

Michael Waraksa

Illustration for TIME Magazine, Accompanied an article about smart, internet-enabled sensors that can read and relay energy use in real time.

Ben Giles

wildthicket: Halle Saxon Gaines photographed by Rebekah Campbell and collage by Ben Giles for Kneon magazine

Let It Snow. There’s Work to Be Done. By MATT RICHTEL 2/14/15. -

Let It Snow. There’s Work to Be Done.

Michael Waraksa: Let It Snow. Michael Waraksa’s illustration accompanies The New York Times Applied Science column which claims, “The greater the amount of rain, the better you are at completing a task.” The productivity pattern holds for snow, too!