Kaleidoscope-not meant to be a mandala but too pretty to leave

Plasma Kaleidoscope

Both the kaleidoscope and the animation done using GIMP Animation consists of 10 layers.

Jive Talkin' by Myrret on DeviantArt

Sometimes I'm too lazy to think up original titles for these, so I just name them after random songs that are playing at the time. Drawn with Sharpies.

Crochet Mandala, Mandala Art, Spirituality Art, Fractal Art, Fractals, Geometric Art, Design Art, Spiral, Sagrada


Kaleidoscope created from a computer rendered image I made with the Gnu Manipulation Program aka: GIMP. The original image began as a pattern I made using the Rainbow Plasma XTNS plugin and major overkill with the Hue & Saturation tool.