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Bull Terrier – Dog Art Print – Picture Made in USA – Naturally Sparkling Personality

Mãe amor maior.

English Bull Terriers and pups, awwww. This breed is NOT a pit bull. This is the companion dog General Patton chose in WWII.

This is so cute! Bullies and wine - that's my daughters house!

Bull Terrier Dog's WINEing feature your favorite dog breed - the Bull Terrier - sharing a glass of Wine with their friends!

"Are you laughing at us...cause we're laughing at you!"

We know in the past Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds have been up there fighting for the title of worst dog ever but we think that Bull Terriers may very well sneak in to top place . 21 Reasons Bull Terriers Are The Absolute Worst !

I will always be owned by a Bull Terrier!

I will always be owned by a Bull Terrier!