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1993 Hollywood Hair Barbie She had the softness, spinniest hair of them all. I loved her hair best.

1993 Hollywood Hair Barbie - is it bad that I remember having this Barbie bc of the golden boots?

I only had the barbie one in pink.. never knew it was a set.... I still have the one in pink.. quick curl barbie, I believe.

Quick Curl Kelly, Skipper and Barbie. They had wires in their hair and little plastic curling irons so you could "curl" their hair!

kelly dolls mattel | Mattel Barbie Kelly Doll Potty Training 1996 | eBay

Mattel - Barbie - Kelly Doll - Potty Training 1996 MIB

Disney Tyco The Little Mermaid Ariel and Her Friends Doll Barbie RARE | eBay

Ariel and Her Friends The Little Mermaid Tyco Disney Doll 1803 Land dress in Dolls & Bears, Dolls, Barbie Contemporary Barbie Dolls, Fairytale Barbie, Disney

Bildergebnis für super gymnast barbie 95

She was one of my first Barbiedolls. I was so sad my doll broke her arm in Since that moment she was forever my perfect paralympic gymnast doll

stroller Barbie, totally had this

1995 Barbie Kelly Strollin' Fun NRFB BuyItNow

omg i have this!!! loved that barbie..lost her dress and one of the kids and broke the chalk board but i still have most of it lol

Teacher Barbie I remember making Barbie teach the little kids!

bedtime barbie, oh my hat she was always on my bed with my teddy!

My dad bought me this in AZ so we could use the proof of purchase to get a Barbie camera!

Barbie Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly Supermarket Playset (1996 Arcotoys, Mattel) by Mattel. $100.01. REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. All included items are pretend & intended for Barbie & 11.5" fashion size dolls & Kelly & 4.5" size dolls; NO DOLLS are included. Set can be used w/other size dolls, as preferred.. Includes: Shelf Unit, Freezer, Check-Out Counter with Candy Tray, Cash Register, Shopping Cart, Paper Bags, Pretend Food & Drinks.. Barbie Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly Supe...

Barbie & Kelly Supermarket Playset Arco New MISB VHTF

1996 Shoppin Fun Barbie and Kelly Supermarket Playset by Mattel Arco New Sealed VHTF Magical magnet treats for Shoppin Fun Kelly to pick up

Amazon.com: Barbie Babysitter SKIPPER Doll 3 Babies Hold on For Hugs! (1994): Toys & Games

My barbie collection Barbie Babysitter SKIPPER Doll 3 Babies Hold on For Hugs! by Mattel.

Hot Skatin Barbie! My sister defiantly had this barbie when we were kids!

So 1994 Hot Skatin' Barbie Loved this plus her skates made sparks one of my favorites