Pendant plus de 20 ans, l'artiste environnemental et le photographe Martin Hill ont créé des sculptures éphémères de glace, de pierre et de matières organi

Land Art par Martin Hill et Philippa Jones

Space Light – Créations lumineuses de Carlo Bernardini

Space Light – Créations lumineuses de Carlo Bernardini

Creations by Italian artist Carlo Bernardini, who seeks to redefine the space and boundaries with bright geometric shapes. Carlo Bernardini has been working

Chris Fraser Light installation #LightArt #Art #Lighting

Chris Fraser’s Light Installations

staceythinx: “ Chris Fraser creates dazzling light installations by turning a dark enclosed room into variation on a camera obscura. A precursor to the camera, the camera obscura is “a box or room.

Kunsthaus Bregenz - by Pritzker Prize Winner Peter Zumthor

I like the idea of a 'floating' wall. Its not really connected to the roof, floor or wall but separates space as if it were Kunsthaus Bregenz by Peter Zumthor

Arcangelo Sassolino/ Momento/ 2006

Arcangelo Sassolino“Sassolino’s work focuses on industrial processes and materials. His objects and installations explore mechanical behaviors

ARTURO BERNED / Galería Ansorena

ARTURO BERNED / Galería Ansorena