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[Tokyo Ghoul) Let's Go Home

Tokyo Ghoul - Hideyoshi Nagachika x Ken Kaneki - HideKane


On Foils and Apples: Touka and Eto I’ve been thinking a lot about Touka’s character development lately, especially in how it relates to Yoshimura. Touka sees Yoshimura as a father figure, and she.

Hide And Kaneki by Mastry01

Now look at them being hella friendly as ever //feelstruck Hide And Kaneki

"Nagachika, why are you willing to go this far for Kaneki Ken?" ~my personal HideKane week

Tokyo Kushu/#1843341 - Zerochan

Kaneki and Hide

Root A vs. Manga!

カネキVSカネキ by Aaa Posted with artist's permission.

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