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god: i have made Mankindangels: you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. it's got anxiety&.

Html5 Infographic 09 - http://infographicality.com/html5-infographic-09-2/

Html5 Infographic 09 - http://infographicality.com/html5-infographic-09-2/

Beautiful Tianamen Sq 1989 The banner says "The charges against the students are baseless"

At the time of the pro-democracy Tiananmen Square protests in David Chen was a student. Using a camera his unc.

In the early 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a series of undergraduate lectures that were collected into a book called the Feynman L

"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a scientific murder mystery for you. A man has been found dead in his house covered in first, second, and third degree burns,

Das Hubble-Weltraumteleskop zeigt uns das Universum von seinen schönsten Seiten.

20 atemberaubende Bilder des Kosmos

“ScienceChannel: Dark matter and energy exist without direct evidence, but their presence is very real.

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