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Do guys realize this just makes everything worse? Seriously common sense now.

This would be my kid..

Funny pictures about This Child Wins In Life. Oh, and cool pics about This Child Wins In Life. Also, This Child Wins In Life photos.

I hate the educational system!  It is completely asinine,  kid should have gotten an A. Stop punishing people for being intelligent!

If someone turned this paper in to me if I was a teacher he would get atleast 13 As

Just another round of Tumblr - Imgur

Just another round of Tumblr

"YOLO" "Dad, we can't just survive this hurricane with our massive amounts of swag.


In my CTE class in early college, we sometimes play musical chairs, and as soon as me and to four other girls get out of the game, well, All HELL BREAKS LOOSE! It is the hunger games.

I cant agree more

If you can't blow them away with your brilliance , baffle them with your bullshit-favorite quote ever!

When people who yell about acceptance of opinion but cannot accept those who think differently than them

Looool my parents. Literally my parents <<<I wish they were my parents<<< Loooooooool

Im crying

Im crying

My Preciousss.sorry for the strong language but this is too funny not to post. I would totally ask this guy out for the geek reference

Listen here you little shit! I love this girl she is definitely the future!

Listen here you little shit