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shacklefunk: “ somebody wanted something incorporating peters super strength. that peter parker could lift deadpool like a lil baby chicken is wonderful ”

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Pokemon Go will give me a reason to go outside instead of staying inside

Guzma, Gladion, and team skull from Pokemon Sun and Moon  By n-maas on tumblr. do not remove this source!

of all pokemon villains team skull is my fav bc they show them as regular ppl sometimes who have problems like the rest of us

We Are Number One But It's Yo Boy, Guzma

We Are Number One But It's Yo Boy, Guzma // Oh gosh. This meme has really been turned into everything

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idk i think guzma is frickin hot. i wish he had more involvement in sun&moon/ultra

pokemon sun and moon gladion | Tumblr

He’s probably like 15 and honestly same (not the 15 thing, come on. He looks old as fuck but he’s not and it’s probably the eye bags’ fault)

Guzma and Wimpod by ssalrobyul

알로라로 떠난 리치🌈 on