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Venus de Milo, Louvre Museum

: La Afrodita de Milos ( "Αφροδίτη της Μήλου") conocida como Venus de Milo( 130 a 100 a.

Michelangelo (1475-1564), Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance.

David by Michelangelo - Giuliano de Medici, photo © Aurelio Amendola

Roman (or Greek) torso of a young man

Beautiful Roman torso, marble statue of a member of the imperial family Period: Augustan or Julio-Claudian Date: 27 B.D.


Memoirs of a geisha. Zhang Ziyi as Sayuri. If you have not seen this movie and you like ceremonial dance, check it out. It's visually stunning and a very moving story.

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Has anyone noticed that Nike statues are always headless? of Victory! Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, Greek statue (marble), century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

Venus de Milo

Las 26 esculturas que hay que ver antes de morir

johnnybravo20:  Poseidon (by Anders Petersen)

It's interesting that the symbols of Shiva and of Poseidon are exactly those that are given to the Devil in Christian mythology - the bull's foot and the tridents (J., An Open Life) [Poseidon (by Anders Petersen)]

johnnybravo20:  Achilles

blu-elettrico: ““ Statue of Achilleús Thnēskōn (Achilles Dying) The gardens of the Achilleion, Corfu, Greece ” ”

Polykleitos of Argos, was an ancient Greek sculptor in bronze of the fifth century BCE. Alongside the Athenian sculptors Pheidias, Myron and Praxiteles, he is considered one of the most important sculptors of Classical antiquity: the 4th century BCE catalogue attributed to Xenocrates which was Pliny's guide in matters of art, ranked him between Pheidias and Myron.  Pictured: Polykleitos' Doryphoros

Polykleitos' Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer), an early example of classical contrapposto.

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