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Sometimes, nature is just awesome. This is a real bird, and it's called a Blue-Footed Boobie. I have loves Blue-Footed Boobies for years! They are sooo cool!

Pug Yoda. "pooped in the floor I have." HAH!

Dogs in Star Wars Costumes

Are you stressed out trying to choose a winning dog costume this year? Check out our best costumes by breed, and snag a little Halloween inspiration.

Every time I eat something...or they think I'm eating something. - ...

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Funny pictures about Dog Owners Become Celebrities Every Meal Time. Oh, and cool pics about Dog Owners Become Celebrities Every Meal Time. Also, Dog Owners Become Celebrities Every Meal Time.

I wonder if ritter would like this

Go faster!

The good life. If my car had a sun roof this would be Max.

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lazy http://media-cache7.pinterest.com/upload/135600638750506560_ynQgWvTU_f.jpg jenpins5 cats other cute things

I swears!!!

That poop was on the floor when I got here, I swear! (This is our dog to a T!

Check out these 17 funny dog pictures that will make you laugh

Funny pictures about Husky after a bath. Oh, and cool pics about Husky after a bath. Also, Husky after a bath.

Kind of depressing, but they are cute.

I'm gonna go by me a fix now 😃😃😃tame fox MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE awesome places and weird facts ONLY

So darn cute..

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Shih tzu wearing boots :)

Shih Tzu - Affectionate and Playful

Shih tzu wearing boots :) A gal's gotta be in fashion, Gucci dahling!

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Sadie the Shih Tzu Hope you're doing well.From your friends at phoenix dog in…

#BullyBreedLoversUnite #TopDog

Stop Trying to Make FETCH Happen, It's Not Gonna Happen. It's Mean Girls vs A Tired English Bulldog, too Funny!